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The Rolex Submariner Replica Watches is exactly one year after we reviewed the Nemo Sailor timekeeper. Thomas Prescher's new product is a complex piece of work with its flying tourbillon, which has three axes of rotation. The tourbillon completes two axes in 60 seconds while the third axis is used to display the minutes. The Rolex Submariner Replica Watches uses steampunk themes in its design. It also features a cool indication of jumping hours, which is one of the few details on the face.

Shock-ResistancyThe brand's new timekeeper, designed by Thomas Prescher (also known as "Master of Tourbillons") is equipped with a Caliber TP 3W6A.3. A special design protects the tourbillon complications of the movement, allowing it to be more resistant to shocks. This is a complex movement with 392 parts and 47 jewels. The caliber was first used on a Thomas Prescher timekeeper called the Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator, which was released three years ago. This new watch is an even more complex version due to the inclusion the jumping hour feature.

Caliber TP 3W6A.3 is 37mm in width and 6.46mm in thickness. Its plates and bridges are made of gold-plated brass with guilloche patterns hand-engraved. The hand-wound caliber has a 40-hour power reserve thanks to the two parallel spring barrels that are integrated into the caliber. The caliber, which was developed in-house and is manufactured with a copper-beryllium balanced wheel and flat hairspring, oscillates at a frequency of 3Hz.

Three Axes Of RotationThe flying tourbillon, which rotates in all directions, is the most distinctive feature of this caliber. Although the tourbillon cage is extremely light with a diameter of only 13.4mm, it still needs a lot of energy to operate. The renowned watchmaker used a constant force device around the first axis to deliver energy to the escapement at six times per second or, in other words, each time the oscillating weight beats. The so-called Jeanneret System is where the tourbillon spring and constant force spring are powered by the main power train. Efficiency is determined by the different inertias between the tourbillon cage wheel and escapement wheel.

Gold, Palladium and Sapphire with Crocodille skinRolex Submariner Replica Watches is also presented in a package that combines vintage maritime elements with steampunk,tissot replica which are both clearly inspired from the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea movie and its famous Captain Nemo. The watch is crafted from a combination of 750 rose gold (4N), palladium (950) and crocodille skin in Nemo style. The case measures 44mm wide and has a thickness of 12mm. However, the dome covering the tourbillon is 16.5mm high at its highest point. The dial, which is unusually palladium, has nameplates made of the same metal and red gold appliques. The face is made of non-oxidizing material and features a mixture of chamfers and brushed surfaces.

Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

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